SonocareNext Generation of Ultrasound

Sonocare is a non-invasive ultrasound device for vaginal, face and body. High frequency promotes blood circulation and thermal energy through cell vibration to increase penetration and collagen regeneration.



Ultrasound Diathermy Treatment
Cavitation Effect
Promote cell membrane permeability
and activity
Heat Generation
Local heating of 42-27℃ to stimulates
collagen regeneration
3 Probes, Comprehensive care for private parts, face and body


Dual frequency,penetrate to deep and superficial tissue

Sonocare generates 1 million to 3 million vibrations per second,

effectively activating deep and superficial cells.

Exclusive Alternative Frequency Technology

Through the alternation between dual frequencies in every second, deep and superficial cells are cross-stimulated to strengthen the therapeutic effect.


Dual Probes for Taking Care of your Skin

Alternative Frequency Technology with two probes.
It is flexible and versatile to be used with whiten essence,
reduce postoperative inflammation and the probability of PIH.

1, 3 MHz
Suitable for treatment of neck,
chin and body parts
1, 3 MHz
Suitable for treatment of eye area,
face and small parts
Ultrasound Diathermy-Vaginal
● Vaginal Moisturizing
● Vulva Brightening
● Vaginal Tightening
● Vulva Tightening









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