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Aug 05, 2014

UltraShape on abc News

By Lauren Glassberg
Tuesday, August 05, 2014
NEW YORK (WABC) -- There's a new device to help people trim down and help them lose that extra fat they can't shed.
It's not painful like surgery, and results are relatively quick.
So you've dieted, worked out and still can't shed those pounds. This new device that's been used outside of America for years is now here and could be the fix you're looking for.
"I work out 5 days a week, eat a balanced diet, cook every night at home and I still have such a struggle getting rid of that area," said Kate Maggi.
That area being the tummy area. So Kate is turning to a device that's new in the United States. It's the UltraShape V3, which uses ultrasound technology to get rid of fat.
"Everytime I push the button you hear that noise, we are destroying a fat cell," said Dr. Dennis Gross.
He is one of the first doctors in the Northeast to use this device. He likes it because there's no pain or downtime for the patient and it's very precise. 
It uses a camera that helps map the target area. 
"The fat area we are going to treat is divided into 800 pinheads, that's how small this is. And everytime I press this button I'm watching a white dye on the screen turn red. That means I have a direct hit with this pulse, and I destroy that fat cell," said Dr. Gross.
And unlike other devices that heat or freeze the fat, this doesn't rely on extreme temperatures to do the job, and therefore there's no discomfort.
"This is actually something that shakes the fat to where the fat cells break open and the body takes it away through the lymphatic system," said Dr. Gross.
And the UltraShape can be used on a variety of areas.
"If you don't want to do lipo suction and you have an area of unwanted fat this is the device that can do it for you," said Dr. Gross. "I can do it on the thighs, in the buttocks area, the backs of the arms, anywhere you have enough fat bunched up."
And depending on the area and the amount of fat, a patient may need 1-3 sessions. Kate ends up doing three sessions. 
And eight weeks later: "I've lost about three inches and six pounds. My clothes fit better," she said. "I can see a huge difference. I am very happy with the results of the procedure."
Each session is $1,200. That cost can come down if you book a series of three. And if you're wondering how long the results last, that's really up to you.
If you eat tons and exercise you can regain the weight, and you can regain in that area. But follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, and the results will last.
Dr. Dennis Gross is located at 900 5th Ave, New York, NY 10021. Phone: (212) 725-4555.