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Nov 15, 2011

AxisThree Launches 4-Head Scanner for Cosmetic Procedures

Axis Three, the developer of 3D surgical simulation tools for plastic surgeons and dermatologists, launched the XS-400 scanner, a turnkey system designed to address face, breast and body procedures. The product launch was announced at The Aesthetic Show 2010 in Las Vegas. The XS-400 is the only 4-position 3D scanner on the market, according to Axis Three. Combined with Axis Three's TissueBehavior Simulation, the XS-400 captures anatomically-accurate 3D images of patients' face or body. Designed to enhance the aesthetic consultation experience, the hardware and software package enables surgeons and their staff to show patients how they will look after surgery. The XS-400 features Color Coded Triangulation (CCTTM), a patented capture technology developed in conjunction with Siemens, that delivers spatially aware 3D images. The technology yields highly precise images of a patient's body with one click of the mouse. "Our team of 3D experts is constantly innovating as demand for preoperative simulations grows," says Paul Moffett, co-founder and technical director for Axis Three, in a press release. "We know surgeons need incredibly sophisticated technology that is simple and intuitive to use and this is exactly why we're introducing the XS-400. With streamlined features, sleek aesthetics, and highly accurate image capture, the system complements the consultation process and brings a new dimension to the patient experience." 

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